Acoustic Curtains featured in That Business Show

That Business Show Group Photo

Thanks to “That Business Show” for an excellent feature on Sept 1. We had a great discussion about our company and the progress we’ve made over the past 2 years, including expanding our operations here in Tampa, FL.

We continue to develop new product lines, including our AcoustiTracTM sliding, soundproof curtain with single and double-panels, to allow it to open in the center or along the sides. Also, we’ve developed a double-bracket to allow customers to put a decorative sheer behind the curtain, or a decorative curtain in front of our soundproof and thermal-blocking curtains and drapes.

A special thanks to Stella Giudicelli and Jamie Meloni for all their help. Their show is on AM 1250 every morning at 8 am, and we wish them the best of success going forward.