LowBlokk Perimeter Door Seal


The LowBlokk Perimeter Door Seal can be attached around a wood or metal door frame to prevent sound leaking in or out of a space by sealing gaps around the perimeter of the door. When paired with a door sweep, and a soundproofing door cover, the door seal reduces the maximum amount of sound flanking (leaking) around the door.

Our LowBlokk Perimeter Door Seal easily installs on the inside of the door jamb using screwdriver or drill, and the included screws.



Product Details:

  • Materials: Aluminum Frame with a Neoprene Insert
  • Dimensions: 1 48″ Length, 2 84″ Lengths, Can be cut down with a handsaw or metal snips
  • Package Contents: 3 Perimeter Door Seals, 1 Pack Stainless Steel Screws