Revisiting the Basics: Sound Blocking 101

rolling up soundproof curtain

In order to understand the concept of soundproofing, it’s important to understand the concept of blocking sound—and, when it comes to sound blocking, it’s seems more difficult to understand than it actually is.

Basics of Sound Blocking

Defined as any method of reducing the ability of sound traveling between point A and point B, soundproofing can be accomplished by both the reduction of noise and the absorption of noise. Basically, there are only three ways to block or reduce noise: space, mass and dampening.

The more space and mass between the origin and the destination of a sound wave, the less audible the sound wave will be once it reaches its destination point. Dampening, on the other hand, dampens the oscillations of sound waves

A way to absorb sound by forcing waves to travel through various layers of material, sound dampening can be achieved by using a variety of material densities to achieve the amount of dampening you’re looking for. Simply put: when you obstruct a sound wave’s path via dampening, you’re ultimately absorbing the sound wave before it has a chance to become airborne.

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