Residential Acoustics Wins TiEcon Florida 2015!


Soundproof Curtain Innovator Wins Startup Competition

Residential Acoustics joined entrepreneurs and investors from around the nation at TiEcon Florida 2015 on October 3rd, and became one of three finalists moving forward to pitch at TiE Tampa Angel Forum in November. The event was a great success, and consisted of discussions and mentoring from Silicon Valley investors, serial entrepreneurs and product powerhouses.

TiEcon provided us a chance to share our business, innovative products and growth strategy with a powerful audience, and hear firsthand their excitement over what we’re accomplishing. The TiE global network consists of 13,000 members worldwide, 63 chapters in 15 different countries, and aims to encourage and nurture the next generation of talented entrepreneurs.

We were thrilled to participate in the conference, and now to be selected out of hundreds of applicants is a huge honor. Manufacturing our quality soundproof curtains here in Tampa Bay and being able to share our community with like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders is inspirational.

Thank you to all those who made it possible and the event a success!

-RA Team

Residential Acoustics Wins TieCon Tampa Bay