Quietest Places to Study in College

Colleges have evolved over time from educational centers to local night clubs, metaphorically speaking. With so many party goers and loud music enthusiasts there are only so many places that a person can go to study even while they might not be the most ‘study friendly’ places.

Quiet Study Spaces

The Kaplan Test Center rates that the library is one of the best places that a student can go. Environments in a library can go as low as 44 DB which is about 4DB lower than an actual bird call.

What students tend to do, as of recent studies by Kaplan, are to go to empty classrooms that are left unlocked. Noise levels rarely go above 50 DB, but they are considered good options due to the fact that they are spread throughout campus and not just in one place like a library.

Another very sought after place that students can now go on most college campuses is the gym. Gyms being built now have been added an extra room or two for studying capabilities. Due to the fact that normal conversations don’t generally exceed 65 DB which is the level of normal conversation so that would be the peak of some gym rooms.

Laundry rooms around campuses have become a haven for students as some chose to sit and wait for their laundry to finish up. The sound levels in rooms like this tend to hoover around 80 DB which is just shy of a Boeing 737 aircraft one mile above you. With that being said, it is also 20 DB shy of a Boeing 737 take off at a distance of about 300 meters.

One of the most noisy places that students tend to go to study is college sporting events. Sporting events take everything away from the reality aspect of life for some students so while some students prefer to listen to music while they study, others prefer to be in the close proximity of a sporting event. Here, noise levels tend to be anywhere from 85-100 DB which is the same as a jackhammer and it is almost louder than a rock concert.

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