Quiet Study Spaces in Tampa Bay

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With school starting back up in a few short weeks, its time for Tampa Bay’s many college students to begin searching for that perfect study spot. When choosing that ideal space to hit the books make sure to consider the most important factor – quiet.

Coffee shops are a great place to study but its often difficult to focus amongst the commotion of the most popular spots. Next time you’re looking for a quiet place to study, consider these lesser known locations.

John F. Germany Public Library

The flagship library of the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library system boasts an impressive collection of research materials and resources, as well as on-site staff available to answer any questions. The library has special collaborative workspaces for groups, keeping the rest of its workspaces quiet for individual workers.

Oxford Exchange

When you first walk into this gorgeously unique space, you may be overwhelmed by the commotion brought in by it’s restaurant and coffee bar, but if you’re willing to invest in your study space, become a member and head upstairs. As a member you will have access to quiet, closed off rooms, modern work spaces, wifi connection and much much more. Though membership is a little pricey, it is definitely worth it if you plan to make this your go-to spot.

Lettuce Lake Park

If you do your best work surrounded by fresh air, head to Lettuce Lake Park and settle down with your books under the shady trees of this natural wonderland. Though weekends and nice weather can bring crowds, the park tends to be empty on weekdays leaving nothing but the sound of the great outdoors for you to work to.

DI Coffee Bar

Hit Davis Island’s DI Coffee Bar on a Saturday morning and you may run into some crowds, but stop by on a late weekday afternoon or evening (open till 9 pm) and you’ll find a peaceful, well-decorated spot with both indoor and outdoor seating. Serving up specialty coffee drinks as well as a selection of snacks and food, DI Coffee Bar is a great place to hang out while you study.

Victory Coffee

Another quiet coffee shop study spot can be found at Victory Coffee. Fitted with plenty of tables and free wifi, this is an awesome place to grab an iced coffee and a gourmet sandwich while getting some work done. Though they do play background music it is truly that – background music – nothing more than white noise to block out other patrons conversations while you work.

Turning Your Apartment Into a Study Room

If instead, you prefer to study in your apartment, there are a few options to keep the noise down. Residential Acoustics has a number of soundproof curtains that are designed to reduce noise in and out of your bedroom, so that you can study without constant distractions and annoyances.

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For even more great study spots, head to workfrom.co/tampa to find the best fit for you. Have a favorite off-the-beaten-path study spot where you get your work done in peace? Share it in the comments below!