Now Offering Standard-Sized Sound Curtains!

Standard-Size Curtain

Residential Acoustics is now offering a standard-sized AcoustiCurtainTM and AcoustiDoorTM for the customer who wants to order quickly without waiting for a customized curtain to be made! These products ship 1-3 days after your order has been made!

Listing of Soundproof Curtain Options

The AcoustiCurtainTM specializes in blocking up to 90% of sound. The products can also block out more than 99% of light and can be used to thermalize your room to save electricity.

The AcousticCurtainTM comes in standard-sizes Small (24W” x 40H”), Medium (35W” x 60H”), Large (48W” x 60H”), and Very Large (60W” x 74H”). The curtain comes in a black fabric/tan straps design to match any living space.

The AcoustiDoorTM comes in standard-sizes Medium (36W” x 80H”) and Large (48W” x 96H”). The door comes in a black fabric/tan straps design to match the AcoustiCurtainTM.

We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee! If you are not satisfied within 30 days, we will refund the entire price of the curtain as soon as it is returned.

Looking for custom-sized soundproof curtains? Check here.

Order now and fulfill your soundproofing needs!