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Our patented curtain design both deflects and blocks noise, blocking most outside noise while promoting relaxation and restoring peace-of-mind.

Got my AcousticCurtain about a week ago, and I'm very pleased with how much sound it blocks. On the weekends my wife and I usually watch movies late (and then sleep in in the morning), which used to be difficult since we live on a busy road. This definitely saved us some heartache.

Ralph E Ralph E


Our curtains include all wall the hardware you’ll need and leave behind minimal traces when removed, making them ideal for apartments and dorms.

I ordered the acoustidoor. It fit beautifully, was made of quality materials and put together well. It does a good job soundproofing the noise from the garage apartment. I’m very pleased.

user review Deborah


Our curtains significantly reduce heat transfer in both directions, allowing you to easily insulate your home and save money on your electric bill.

I had no idea that sound blocking curtains existed until I stumbled upon these on somebody's blog. I've definitely sleep better than I ever have before. A nice bonus is that the curtain blocks most light too! I was pleasantly surprised to find that out.

Ralph E Ashley H


Our curtains provide instant noise relief without the need for professional installation or costly renovations.

This blocks about 3 times more noise than our regular door. We had a contractor come and quote as a solid-core door for about $500 plus installation. This was a quick, easy fix.

Ralph E Matt W


Use our curtain builder to design a curtain that fits your home.

Awesome product, finally able to sleep without earplugs again!

user review Kyle F


With both roll-up and gliding retraction methods available, choose the retraction method that fits your needs and those of your home.

The curtains work great and really do block the sound from the street. My house is right by a railroad and the trains used to keep me up but now I can sleep all night 🙂

user review Elizabeth

I'm covering a small opening(like a window)


I've got a large opening(larger than 60 inches)