Reducing Tenant Turnover with Simple & Affordable Soundproofing Solutions 

In an increasingly compact world, more and more property owners and managers are exploring noise disturbance issues and complaints. The value that comes with having a quiet and private living environment for students, tenants, homeowners, and business associates allows for a more tranquil studying or working environments. Noise has consistently been known to be a leading factor in tenant turnover and lease breaks. When property management firms have noise issues, they turn to Residential Acoustics to solve them.

Case Study: Fixing Apartment Noise with Soundproof Curtains

This is true in the case of IPA Development who came to Residential IPA Development Case StudyAcoustics twice in the past two years for large commercial orders of our patented sound blocking curtains. As the owners and developers of student housing complexes, IPA Development wanted to brand their company as a leader in quality, comfort and privacy for their students and active tenants in their properties. IPA Development’s properties are located in a somewhat lively/urban environment, often surrounded by nightlife and music which disrupted academic students from sleeping soundly or studying. They also found being in such a populated area of residential and commercial business, street traffic and public transportation were reported as an issue to the students. Instead of waiting for lease-breaks due to the abundance of complaints to management about the noise issues, rather than sitting back and not holding this matter to a higher importance and priority, IPA did some research and found our local business seeking different options on how to resolve their problem. IPA spoke with one of our on-hand Acoustical Consultants to determine the right solution. They requested each student’s apartment should have our soundproofing curtain for their windows to secure the ideal noise control they initially wished and planned for when developing property










Before placing their order with us, IPA Development purchased and tested a variety of soundproofing products from around the country. They hired a consultant to test the before and after sound quality with each product before determining our soundproofing AcousticCurtains™ which have an STC of 29, to be the most effective. After a test curtain and on-site testing, their 300-party consultant agreed it was the most cost-effective after-math approach. The first year IPA purchased 150 soundblocking AcousticCurtains™ and AcoustiTracs™ to outfit the windows in their student housing complex. After installation, tenants were happier and more content as they received not only the sound attenuation, but also the blackout properties of the curtain which allowed their rooms to become dark, sleep sanctuaries.

The following year, another of IPA’s multi-family properties was completed and they called hoping to continue our business relationship and to produce another large order of our AcousticCurtains™ and AcoustiTracs™ for their new development property. We have since finalized their second order and manufactured their custom-tailored order and shipped their facilities location.

How to Use Soundproof Curtains to Minimize Apartment Noise

Each year we assist many other properties with similar issues such as IPA Development’s to assure the efficacy of their companies’ standards and reputation. Student housing, residential and home developers world-wide use Residential Acoustic’s curtains to find a resolution to whatever their conflict of needing noise control could be, it’s just an inquiry to our website,, or a quick call to our office to speak with one of our acoustical consultants personally is just a couple clicks or phone call away.

If interested in speaking with a representative and to find out more about our products and how they can be of benefit to your company’s needs, please call (813) 922-2390 and ask to speak with an acoustical consultant to discuss your options, pricing and custom solution.