How to get your Home ready for Santa!


With only a week left before Christmas, most people are ready for Santa, but are you? Christmas Eve is a very busy night for Santa Claus, and with a few simple steps, you can make sure he finds his way to your home this year.

Christmas Lights

Santa delivers gifts to boys and girls all over the world in a single night, which can make finding a particular house quite tricky! Rudolph’s nose guides him along, but even reindeer need help from time to time. Help guide his sleigh with lots of festive Christmas lighting; it’s just like an airplane landing on a runway at night.


Many people believe that having a fire burning in the fireplace will prevent Santa from delivering his presents, but that is a myth. No one is certain how he does it; it might be because he is magical, or that his elves have made sure his suit is fire proof. One way or another, Santa will find his way. He will be okay, and will appreciate the house being warm!


Stockings are more important than you may know. They allow Santa to check each person off his list, making sure he does not skip anyone. It also lets him leave a few more small gifts as well! Make sure you have a stocking for each person in the house, and stockings for all your pets, too!

Milk and Cookies

A classic treat that Santa Claus looks forward to at every house he visits. He has a long night ahead of him, and a snack will help ensure he has the energy he needs to make it all over the world in just one night. Oh, and put out some carrots for the reindeer as well with the milk in cookies, because the reindeer get hungry too!

No Peeking

The old saying “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when your awake” Is true. No matter how quiet or careful you are, Santa will always know. Waiting until morning might not be easy, but it will be worth it. If he knows you have been peeking, he might even leave coal in your stocking!

By getting your house ready in time for Santa, you make his job just a little easier. If we all pitch in, we can make sure he gets to every single house on his list.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

By: Patrick McHugh
Residential Acoustics

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