How Thermal Blackout Curtains Reduce Your Electric Bill

heating a home

Keeping cool in the scorching heat of summer, or warm in the frozen tundra of December, your electric bill is a necessary expense when trying to maintain the optimal temperature and comfort for your living environment. This hard-hitting expense is sometimes costly, but there are products on the market today that can help to improve insulation of your home and by doing so, reduce your electric bill dramatically.

Ever wonder why primitive homes avoid adding windows to their design plan? Windows provide an easy exit point for airflow, greatly accelerating heat transfer and creating a more difficult environment for temperature control. This was catastrophic hundreds of years ago. Today, thermal blackout curtains provide protection against the conditions outside, while being customizable and easy to retract for accessibility to natural light.

With today’s innovations in the market, some thermal blackout curtains are sophisticated and engineered to be energy-efficient devices. They function at a higher level and help people save even more on their electric bill. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, approximately one-third of a homes total heat loss occurs through window and door openings! Insulated curtains protect your home from the four main types of heat loss: conduction, infiltration, convection and radiation.

Soundproof curtains with Thermal & Blackout Qualities

Contrary to what outside marketing material has presented, studies prove that ‘thick’ curtains do not provide adequate temperature protection verse a curtain designed with technical assistance and material properties. Soundproof curtains like the AcousticCurtian or AcoustiTrac, are designed for maximum sound and light protection, as well as being a powerful insulator for the home for heat loss. The science behind the AcousticCurtain product line has to do with its dense sound blocking core, and it’s ability to deflect powerful sound waves from entering a living environment. As an added benefit, being able to create a firm seal to the wall, the AcousticCurtain protects a home from the transfer of heat both ways – keeping a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer months. Nothing is worse than feeling a blast of cold air seep into your home from a drafty window, and our engineering team understood this during the design process.

Quality thermal blackout curtains like these produce an R-value similar or better than energy-efficient double-pane windows. The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance, or insulating capabilities, for a particular material or grouping of materials. The higher the R-rating, the higher the insulations effectiveness will be. Before purchasing an insulating drapery, be sure the correct testing has been done to receive the highest quality product for your needs.