Household Items You Can Utilize for Soundproofing!

Even though you can utilize soundproofing companies like Residential Acoustics to find materials that can allow you the silence in your apartment that you have always wanted, there are other ways. You can actually begin by rummaging through your house supplies as I will now talk to you about.

Soundproofing with Household Items

Heavy Drapes: One of the things that you can begin to do is to use heavy drapes over the windows. This will reduce the likelihood of sound transfer as well as echoing throughout the apartment, dorm or house that you call home. The length, thickness, and color of the drapes also help influence the heat absorption and cooling capabilities. The darker, thicker and longer the material, the cooler your home will be if you hang the drapes along the windows.

Remember that “acoustic” or “heavy” drapes are really intended primary to absorb sound, and are not STC-rated. For sound-rated soundproof curtains, check out the AcousticCurtain here. We’ve also written extensively on the type Different Types of Acoustic Curtains as well.

Furniture: Large, plush furniture is also effective at reducing reverberation in a closed space. This approach is used extensively in restaurants and dining venues to minimize echo when numerous patrons are speaking simultaneously.

Bookcases: Using furniture to actually reflect sound is a last resort. This is because the wall needed to be completely covered to offer any noticeable reduction. Even small gaps along the sides or bottom will allow the same amount of sound to transfer through a wall. However, using a floor-to-ceiling book case that offers complete coverage may reduce sound transmission by several decibels.

Double-Pane Windows: Another thing that people tend to not think about is the role that double-paned windows place on what you hear on the inside of your dwelling. High-quality windows like these tend to even reduce noise by as much as 95% in some cases and this is due to the extra LAYER within the window. The silence that you will notice is the direct result of the sound waves having a hard time to get through to the other side of the window from whichever side that the noise is coming from.

Segmenting Walls to Reduce Echo and Sound Transmission: If you have ever walked into a room and immediately noticed an echo, well then you have too much space within your home. Yes. that is a thing. Too much space leaves less and less surface area for the sound waves to touch, so when they are emitted they just transfer around the room and the rest of the home which causes the echo. If you are looking for a solution to something like this, then it would be most suggested to try and add a wall to somewhere within your home. You would be surprised by what a difference a bordered off space would do with your sound levels and sound transfer. Something that you could stuff these walls with is simple and thick soundproofing insulation or even another soundproofing object called Green Glue. This glue utilizes a damping system which is converting vibrating energy into heat energy. This, in turn, has been proven to greatly reduce noise levels.

Together, these simple tips can hopefully give you the quiet environment that you have always wanted.

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