Expert Tips for Noise Reduction on a Plane

Flying is just like going to the dentist – very few look forward to it but everybody does it. Planes may be the fastest way to get to where you need to go but when you’re trapped on a 10-hour flight between a screaming toddler and an overly-friendly seat-mate, you start debating if you really need to go on this vacation.

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Noise Reduction while Traveling

There may be no such thing as a peaceful plane ride, but with this simple advice from some seasoned travelers you’ll be able to block out the noise and enjoy some quiet on your next flight.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Ask any traveler the one thing they never get on board with out. Chances are, they’re gonna say headphones. Listen to music, watch a movie, or just make yourself seem less inviting to a seat-mate looking to chat – headphones are the number one plane necessity.

Spring for a nice pair of noise canceling headphones for longer and more frequent flying or just bring along your usual ear buds. You’ll be happy you did.

White Noise

If you need a nap and earplugs just won’t cut it, try falling asleep to some white noise. Spotify has plenty of white noise playlists, from ocean waves to jungle sounds, which you can download before your flight and then fall asleep to on the plane.

Seat Selection

Most travelers don’t think too much about where they’re seated, apart from the coveted window seat view, but knowing which seat to choose can lead to a much quieter flight.

The back of the cabin has the highest amount of engine noise, while the bathrooms at the front tend to be a hub of noise and commotion. Aim for a seat near the middle of the plane. If you want to avoid being bothered by seat-mates wanted to stand up, your best bet is a seat by the window.

Entertain Yourself

It’s much easier to ignore aggravating noise if you have something to focus on, so make sure you’ve packed a book, tablet or something else to play with while you fly. You’ll be amazed how fast the time will pass by while you’re busy playing Candy Crush.

Listen Closely

Disturbances often happen when flight attendants need to interrupt your sleep to ask you to lift your tray table or buckle your seat belt. Listen when they give their spiel and then make sure to follow instructions so they won’t need to wake you up and ask again.

Above all, be patient. All kinds of people fly for all kinds of reasons and sometimes noise can’t be avoided. With these expert tips and a little bit of patience, you’ll be arriving at your destination well rested and ready to go.

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