Common Noise Levels


It can be very difficult to determine how “loud” a noise that you hear really is. From the drop of a pin to the roar of a lion, sounds vary so much, and so rarely do we come across a set scale, that it can be near impossible to show where on the decibel scale to rate it! Well, here is a graphic that shows you each of those noises, from some of the softest to some of the loudest in the history of the world! So next time you’re sitting on a plane and wondering how loud that jet engine really gets, fire up that tablet and check out our new Noise Infographic!

Remember that our soundproof curtains block 26 dB, as a point of reference.

Enjoy, and let us know any other sounds you would like to see rated.

2 thoughts on “Common Noise Levels

  1. wpeek says:

    Thanks for the question Brodey. The effectiveness of the garage door insulation will depend on a number of factors, primarily how the garage is connected to the house. If there is exterior noise passing through the garage door, then into the home, then insulating the door may help. Your best bet may be to add sound insulation over the interior door, since it would have a smaller surface area and be more cost-effective.

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