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Top 10 Noisiest Jobs

Most of us don’t have to worry about damaging our hearing when we’re at work. Unfortunately, this is the case for many workers from all types of industries, from airports to rock concerts. What’s dangerous about exposing yourself to loud noises for so long is not just hearing loss but also tinnitus, a ringing or […]

Approaching Noisy Neighbor

Approaching a Noisy Neighbor

Many of us know the frustration of having a loud neighbor and feeling like you’ll never get peace of mind as long as you live there. Sometimes, one can use acoustical and soundproof solutions such as acoustic curtains, white noise machines, fixing sound leaks, etc., but despite the number of solutions, sometimes the noise can […]


Reducing Tenant Turnover with Simple & Affordable Soundproofing Solutions 

In an increasingly compact world, more and more property owners and managers are exploring noise disturbance issues and complaints. The value that comes with having a quiet and private living environment for students, tenants, homeowners, and business associates allows for a more tranquil studying or working environments. Noise has consistently been known to be a […]


How Noise Affects Restaurants

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of going to a noisy restaurant and having our meal almost ruined by the loud environment. Many times the owners/managers aren’t even aware of how loud their restaurant really is, mostly from being accustomed to working inside. Customers, on the other hand, do notice and it can affect your business […]