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Residential Acoustics Presents at Pitch 6

Residential Acoustics presents Game-Changing Soundproof Curtains to Investor Panel Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits We are so proud to say that Residential Acoustics is a finalist in the annual Tampa Bay Pitch 6 event presented by Bright House Networks. Pitch 6 is part of the Regional Business Awards in Tampa Bay and will […]


Categories of Noise and How to Deal With Them

We are surrounded by noises all the time and for some, even the most relaxing time like reading a book or enjoying a nap can have audible interruptions. In today’s environment people struggle with noises 24/7, from hearing neighbors while you are at home, traffic outside and phones at the office. If loud commotion and […]


Barking Dogs, The Ultimate Noise Pollution

Dogs are a man’s best friend but unfortunately they can sometimes become your sleeping neighbors worst nemesis. Today, as more and more homeowners share their space with a four-legged friend or two or three, it’s common to struggle with reducing their noise output and working to not to upset the neighbors next door. Barking Dogs […]


Residential Acoustics Named Finalist in Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards

We are excited to announce that Residential Acoustics has been named a finalist in Bright House Networks third annual Regional Business Awards of the Tampa Bay area. Our business was named a finalist in the Start-up category for the awards, which honor the companies, organizations and people who have impacted the Tampa Bay area with their products, […]

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Entrepreneur Of ‘Shark Tank’ Fame, Kevin Harrington, Interviews Residential Acoustics for Game Plan Series.

Residential Acoustic’s CEO, Walker Peek, was a featured guest on Kevin Harrington’s web show “Game Plan“,  where he discussed our unique sound blocking curtains, the expansion of our product offerings, and what the future holds for residential and commercial soundproofing worldwide. Being a guest on “Game Plan” we were able to receive valuable feedback on our growing […]


Are Blackout Curtains Soundproof?

If you’re looking to create an optimal environment for a restful night’s sleep you may stumble upon information highlighting blackout curtains or sound blocking curtains and get confused on which option works best or even think ‘they probably do almost the same things’. Both light and sound are powerful cues that tell your body it’s […]


Residential Acoustics Wins TiEcon Florida 2015!

Soundproof Curtain Innovator Wins Startup Competition Residential Acoustics joined entrepreneurs and investors from around the nation at TiEcon Florida 2015 on October 3rd, and became one of three finalists moving forward to pitch at TiE Tampa Angel Forum in November. The event was a great success, and consisted of discussions and mentoring from Silicon Valley […]


Airborne noise vs. Structure-borne noise

What are the differences between these two types of noise and why does it matter? Well, in order to deal with sound control one must understand how sound travels, and in residential environments it will either be airborne or structure-borne. Airborne noises are transmitted by air and atmosphere such as the radio, the barking of […]