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Smarter Travel Reviews our Soundproof Curtains We are happy to say that a new review for our sound blocking AcoustiTrac™ curtain went live. Senior Editor, Caroline Morse, tested our curtains at her home and posted about her experience. is an online travel resource for unbiased travel news, deals, and timely expert advice. These guys research […]


Guide to Urban Living: What Amenities Are Critical for Choosing an Apartment?

What makes people choose where to live? What are the factors influencing the decision-making process most? What do today’s homeowners or renters need in order to live comfortably or renew their lease? We will provide some insights on these questions below. Digital Presence Technology trends and online convenience are leading this category. During the search […]

Bright House Networks Award

Update on Bright House Networks Award

Soundproofing Curtain Firm Named as Finalist, Vetcor as Winner We know you are craving for some news regarding the grand finale for the annual Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards that happened on Thursday, 11th of February. According to Bright House, these awards honor the companies and people who have impacted the Tampa Bay community […]