Airplane Noise Could Be Affecting Your Health

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I’m fortunate to live far enough way from the airport that I’m not often disturbed by airplanes flying overhead, but not everyone can say this. We all know that airplane noise is pretty annoying, but did you know that it could be impacting your life in some other ways?

Airport Noise Pollution Could Be Negatively Impacting Your Health

For those who have flown on airplanes before you know how loud they can be and if you’ve experienced one flying over your home it can seem just as loud. If your house is near an airport or in the takeoff/landing path you know the sound all too well. Constantly experiencing the overhead sound of an airplane could be impacting your health. Researchers in Greece discovered some dangerous side effects of airport noise pollution after they performed a study on people who live around the Athens International Airport.

The Side Effects of Airport Noise

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The potential side effects of airport noise broken down. Regular exposure to loud airplane noise can result in high blood pressure, increased risk for stroke, and even increased risk for heart attack.

Studies showed that those who lived closer to airport and experienced a lot of airplane noise had an increased risk for high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. Aircraft noise can also be affecting your sleep when they fly over your home throughout the night. If a plane passing over wakes you up at night, it could be hard for you to get back into a deep sleep. When our sleep quality is poor, we can suffer other negative health affects.

When children are constantly experiencing airplane noise at home and school, it can negatively impact their reading and memory skills. However, a study showed that these results could be reversed when the airplane noise is removed from the environment.

Although long, there is a study that goes in depth about the effects of airplane sounds on peoples’ health.

Actions Being Taken to Reduce Airplane Sounds

For those who have the issue of living near an airport and hearing planes all the time, you’re not alone. Don’t be afraid to speak up and submit a noise complaint on your local airport’s website. If a lot of people speak up about their concerns then the airports will do their best to accommodate you.

Some airports even hold public forums for residents in the area to voice their issues with airplane noise. If you’re in the Tampa area like us, you can find a schedule for these forums on the TIA website if you ever want to check one out.

Every major airport also has noise abatement procedures, which are efforts made to reduce the impact of airplane noise on the surrounding communities.

How to Stop Airplane Noise in Home

It can be hard to stop airplane noise in your home because of how extremely loud jet engines are. It’s possible to reduce it, but if you live in a direct flight path, you won’t be able to completely stop airplane noise in your home.

The airports are doing their best to accommodate communities in their vicinities by:

  • Maximizing daytime south flow
  • Developing zoning for compatible land use in the vicinity of the Airport
  • Maintaining an active and effective public information program
  • Purchasing navigation easements
  • Soundproofing of residences

How You Can Soundproof for Loud Airplane Sounds

Most sound is going to enter your home through your doors and windows, so this would be the best place to start. Start this process by checking for any gaps in the door frame or in your windows. If you find any gaps, we suggest buying acoustical caulk to fill these in.

If you’ve done this and it was unsuccessful try our soundproof curtains and blankets to prevent outside noise from getting in. Our soundproof curtains are designed to block out 60%-90% of outside noise.

Shop Soundproof Curtains

Since the sound of an airplane is so powerful, just soundproofing the windows and doors might not be enough for you. Another option you have is using mass loaded vinyl so soundproof your walls and ceilings. We sell this on through our sister company Soundproof Direct.

How to Stop Airplane Noise in Your Home

If you don’t live under a direct flight path, it’s more doable to stop airplane noise from getting into your home by following our soundproofing tips above. Otherwise, it may be necessary to take more extreme action. This can include:

  • Invest in a good pair of sound cancelling headphones
  • Request different flight paths and file complaints with your local airport
  • If all else fails, and you feel airplane noise is taking a toll on your health, consider moving

We Hope You Liked Our Information on Airplane Noise

Trust us when we say we know how annoying airplane noise can be, seeing as our Commercial Acoustics office is located right by TIA. What you may not have known is that these airport sounds could be taking a toll on your health. Although you can’t control the flight paths there are some other actions you could take. Like we mentioned earlier, try contacting your local airport with your concerns and show up to any public forums that your local airport might be holding.

Airplane Noise Could Be Affecting Your Health
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Airplane Noise Could Be Affecting Your Health
Airplane noise can be very annoying, especially if you live or work near an airport, and you should know that experiencing that noise constantly can be bad for your health. Some of the negative side effects include high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke and increased risk of heart attack.
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