Aesthetically Pleasing Soundproofing

Acoustic Furniture

Reducing noise disturbances in your home or business is important, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for quiet. Read on for soundproofing products that are still visually appealing while efficiently getting rid of your sound problems.

As always, we advise that you research the source of your noise problem. Learn how to diagnose issues to Soundproof your Bedroom, or isolate Sound Leaks. If your noise issue is due to footfall upstairs, then soundproofing the window won’t help. Likewise, if it’s traffic noise or noisy neighbors, then acoustic panels won’t do the trick.

Decorative Soundproofing Drapes, Panels, and Walls

Absorption Panels

Absorption panels trap and contain sound waves, reducing echo and reverberation to eliminate background noise. Absorption panels can be offered in a variety of fabric colors, and can even be finished with your own custom art. There are also options

For large acoustical art panels, Commercial suppliers may have additional options. These are printed on acoustically-transparent fabric, then printed via a process known as “dye sublimation”. The art fabric is then wrapped on acoustic panels to ensure the panel keeps its absorptive properties.

Note: Acoustic Panels are effective at absorbing echo and reverberation, but will not improve the sound-blocking of a wall assembly.

Decorative Soundproof Curtains

Our AcousticCurtain™ is a soundproof curtain that blocks outside noise, deflecting sound waves so that they don’t enter your space. We offer fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns, or you can even send in your own canvas cotton fabric. You can also choose the strap color, hook color, height, and width of the curtain to perfectly match any room design.

Acoustical Wallpaper or Paint

There is ongoing debate on the effectiveness of acoustic wallpaper and paint. While these may have sufficient NRC to absorb echo (similar to the panels above), they often do not significantly improve soundproofing performance.

The OverWall Noise Blokker is installed over already existing walls to reduce noise. It is effective on walls with high-gauge steel studs, when adding mass will improve the STC of the wall. One wood stud walls it is much less effective.

Most times, products such as Mass Loaded Vinyl or Wall Blokker can be used underneath another set of thin drywall for best results.

The AcoustiDoor™ – Aesthetic Sound Panel

If you have a problem with sound transferring between rooms, soundproofing the door can be an effective solution. Each AcoustiDoor™ we make is handcrafted and customized to your specifications. You get to choose the fabric color, strap color, and exact door size. The AcoustiDoor™ is a sound blocking panel that hangs over the door to reduce noise leaking between rooms and can be easily retracted at any time.

By using the right acoustic products to soundproof your home, or absorb unwanted echo, you may provide an decorative finish while also addressing your sound issues.


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