Adjusting to Work From Home Lifestyle

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Not everyone is fit for the work from home lifestyle, or maybe you are but your house isn’t; either way we’re here to help.

Amidst the craziness of businesses temporarily closing their physical doors and switching to remote work only, people are now scrambling because they don’t have a peaceful work area at home. Of course, some of us could post up at the dining room table or sit in our bed, but not everyone has the luxury of peace and quiet no matter where they set up at home.

For those who live alone or just with a partner, you might have it easier with the level of distractions. However, if you have kids, and they’re out of school at the moment it’s a completely different story.

Some of you may have even previously worked at home, but now your partner is there too, and there’s just so much going on. A lot of people work better and are just more productive in a quiet and peaceful environment, which has now likely been taken from you.

Setting up a Work From Home Office

Whether it’a traffic noise, noisy neighbors, or kids and animals running around, working from home can provide a lot more distractions than your office space. Some of us went from private offices by ourselves or cubicles with our coworkers to a home, so it will definitely be an adjustment. If you already work remotely, hopefully you can still benefit from this article.

Increase Productivity and Soundproof Your Home Office

Keeping a Quiet Home While Working

Where’s your new home office? For some it’s their bedroom, for others it’s the dining room table, but these rooms have something in common. While not everyone can relate, you might be hearing a lot of disturbing noises through your windows that you didn’t experience at your company office. Now that you work from home, you might be hearing a lot more traffic noise, barking dogs or chatter from your neighbors on their daily walk.

No matter what it is that you now have to deal with, we have a solution for you. Hanging soundproof curtains over your windows can help keep these distracting noises out so you can focus on your work.

Soundproofing Your Current Home Office

What if you already had a good home office, but now you have your partner and even kids in the house? Don’t worry, there are products you can use to keep your quiet and privacy in a home office when other people are around now.

You can either choose from a soundproof door cover for a single door, or we have options for those with french, glass doors into their home office. The soundproof door cover helps to cover gapping around doors to prevent sound leaks. This is especially important for people who are now taking part in video conferences, or even people seeing patients in a home office. The soundproof door cover will help to keep your conversations private, while also keep out any loud distraction from other noises inside your house.

For french doors, you actually want to get a large version of our soundproof curtains on a track system. You would hang it over your french doors just like you’d hang it over a window, but should definitely choose a split panel option for more ease of opening.

soundproof french doors

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Using White Noise When Working From Home

An addition of sound into your space can actually help to reduce distracting background noise. White noise machines work to cover, or mask, background noise, whether it’s other conversations, traffic noise, or some noisy neighbors. A white noise machine can be used on its own for minor disturbances, or in conjunction with a soundproof curtain or door cover if you need to take extreme measures.

If you can, try to find a white noise machine that can also produce other types of noise such as pink noise. Pink noise is less hissy, and is actually more pleasant to the ear than white noise.

Getting Used to Work From Home

While no one has any idea how long they’ll be working from home, you can still make the best of it. You don’t have to be distracted all the time or give up your privacy just because you now have a home office. Hopefully with these soundproofing tips you’re able to get just as much work done at home as you would at the office!