Our Story

Residential Acoustics was founded in October 2013 in Tampa, FL. Our CEO, Walker Peek, was watching (read “trying to watch”) a basketball game with friends when his wife complained about the unruliness and loud commentary echoing throughout the home. He went to work finding a suitable solution, and came up with the initial AcousticCurtain. With a dollar and a dream, the team grew and set forth to improve the design and bring quality, innovative soundproofing solutions to homes near and far. For those interested in the full story, you can find it here.


Meet our Team:



Walker, CEO:

Schedules his week around Gator football games and date nights with the wife.




Zach, VP Marketing:

Web developer by day and beer connoisseur by night.




Nate, Factory Manager:

Passionate about books on tape.


Sound Sales Rep


Casey, Marketing and Business Development Manager:

Loves her dog, Doctor Howard Snuggles and New England sports.




Anna, Marketing Intern:

Her idea to update this page and tell you what we’re up to.




Patricia, Business Analyst:

World class multi-tasker!




“Boss”, Team Mascot:

The picture says it all…


Ribbon Cutting Residential Acoustics


Production Team:

Work hard, play hard.


Work hard, #SleepWell.




Corporate Values:

Quality of Life: There are few things more frustrating than late nights staring at the ceiling and wondering when you’ll be able to drift to sleep. A major contributor of insomnia and sleep deprivation, especially in large cities or near busy thruways, is ambient noise. When we talk to customers on the phone, it’s amazing how desperately they need relief, and we always do our best to provide them all of the answers we have and the optimal solution to their problem (even if it’s not ours!).

Team Passion: Being part of a startup can be stressful, but most of all, it’s exciting! Our team gets together daily to design, manufacture, and sell innovative products all around the globe – and bring peace of mind, tranquility, and energy savings to thousands, and one day millions, of people.

Manufacturing in USA: As many politicians have lamented in recent years, the American economy has become primarily service-oriented. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring manufacturing back to main street America. Not only is every curtain handmade in Tampa, FL but we distribute these curtains all over the world. We love our hometown, and we’re excited to contribute to its growth in the years to come.

Energy Savings: We designed our products to block sound and light, but we were amazed at how effective they were at blocking heat/cold as well. With so much focus on green energy (solar, geothermal, hydro), we often lose sight of the issue of energy waste, both in the home and at the office. Nest and other products have come to market to help us use our energy efficiently, but can’t reduce energy loss thru windows and doors – a major contributor. We aim to bridge that gap.

Recycling: We aspire everyday to achieve a lean manufacturing environment with zero waste generated. We do this in a number of ways, from saving scrap fabric and vinyl wherever possible, to using a compost heap for food waste and recycle bins for plastic and metal scraps. We even save our cardboard cores and give them back to our fabric supplier (free of charge) so that these do not need to be discarded into waste bins. Our goal next year is to achieve a Zero Sum manufacturing plant, where no waste is produced.


Corporate Timeline


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