5 Ways to Create a Peaceful Living Environment

Noisy City Street

To feel our best and to be mentally and physically refreshed everyday, it’s necessary that our home provide a feeling of serenity, comfort and relaxation. Our living environment should be a joyous retreat from the distractions and stresses of the outside world, but unfortunately it’s becoming more difficult to maintain due to our increasingly busy world and compact living spaces. Whether its unwanted noise causing sleepless nights, or other conditions seemingly beyond your control, check out these ways to drown out the noise (and not just the sound).

Here are 5 ways you can create a Peaceful Home:

  • Conquer Clutter. Interior design is used to bring harmony between people and their homes. You may have heard of feng shui, the art of removing clutter and negative energy from the home to bring positive energy inward. Begin by removing unnecessary items from all tables in a room and see how the minimalist view keeps your eyes from straining and puts you at ease.
  • Color. Try to paint rooms with a refreshing, warm hue which makes you smile. Color choices play a large role in creating a joyful energy as it impacts you on an emotional, psychological and physical level. Studies have shown that color can change body temperature and appetitive. It can affect your mood or level of energy too so why not use your walls as a canvas.
  • Add nature. Simple additions like fresh flowers or live plants within a home allows for a mix of fresh colors and scents to put your mind at ease. Not only is it an additional way to bring nature into your home, it also helps to clean and re-oxygenate the indoor air.
  • Remove the unwanted. Beware of the irritating items in your home or ones that are associated with undesirable feelings. By removing any artifacts with negative memories, you are one step closer to creating a more serene space.
  • Create a sanctuary. Don’t let the busyness and chaos of our everyday life overpower your living environment. Whether it’s a family dinner or personal time to relax and read a novel, have the ability to shut out the outside world. A quiet home allows you to think freely and to decompress. Invest in updates which sooth your mind and senses such as candles or incense, soft lighting with a dimmer application and quality noise blocking curtains.

Small steps and modifications to your home can have a large impact on your quality of life. Use these tips to transform your home into a relaxing space and, in turn, live a happier life.

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