3 Easy Soundproofing Tips for Your Home

easy soundproofing tips

Soundproofing your house doesn’t have to be as hard or as expensive as you think it is. Here at Residential Acoustics, we’re pretty much the experts in anything involving home soundproofing so you can trust us.

We’re going to address the most common noise complaints we hear and let you know how to fix them easily and affordably. Our current customers and potential customers know they can call us whenever they have questions or concerns about noise issues in their homes. Some of the most common calls we get involve traffic noise coming in through the windows, noise coming into a baby’s nursery and sound reverb in a home studio.

Easy and Effective Soundproofing

Each noise complaint discussed above will have its own unique solution involving sound absorption, blocking and masking. Some of them might even use a combination of two out of the three methods suggested. It’s important to remember that not all solutions to noise issues are one size fits all.

Soundproof Against Traffic Noise

Traffic noise happens to be the number one noise complaint we get here when people call. This sound can make its way into your home through the windows especially if you live on a busy road. Thankfully, Residential Acoustics has the perfect product for this particular noise complaint.

How Traffic Noise Affects Your Sleep

Soundproof curtains are the perfect way to reduce traffic noise that comes in through your windows. These curtains are lined with mass loaded vinyl so they have an STC-rating unlike “soundproof” curtains you might come across on other sites. An STC rating basically tells you how much sound blocking ability a material has. The soundproof curtains at Residential Acoustics have been lab tested and shown to block out 60%-90% of outside noise.

soundproofing Curtain
The AcousiTrac is the most popular of the selection of soundproof curtains because it’s so easy to put to the side when it’s not in use.

Soundproof the Nursery

There are actually a couple of different easy soundproofing methods for a baby’s nursery. The first thing you may want to try is putting a white noise machine in there. I know what you’re thinking, adding noise to the baby’s room? White noise is a great way to mask any sudden sounds that could disturb and wake your baby.

How A Baby White Noise Machine Can Help

Now, if you combined the use of a white noise machine along with placing a soundproof blanket of the door to the nursery you’d get a very soundproof room. The AcoutiDoor, which is sometimes referred to as a soundproof blanket is designed to roll down over a door and create a seal with velcro to block out noise. The AcoustiDoor has the same sound blocking abilities as the AcousticCurtain and AcoustiTrac soundproof curtains.

Using Soundproof Blankets To Reduce Noise

Easily Soundproof Your Home Studio

The first two issues and methods required the use of sound blocking and sound masking, but in any type of recording studio you’ll need sound absorption. For a studio setting, you’ll want to hang sound absorbing panels on the walls to help reduce any reverberation that would be diminishing the quality of your recordings.

Unlike soundproof curtains, acoustic panels have an NRC rating which can tell you how much sound a material will absorb versus how much it will reflect. For example, if a material has an NRC rating of 0.7, it absorbs 70% of sound and reflects/allows 30% of sound through.

Acoustic panels are commonly installed in spaces such as restaurants, worship centers, auditoriums or gymnasiums. All of these spaces share features including being large and filled with hard surfaces which is what causes excess echo and reverberation.

If this is your home studio and you’re worried about disturbing others in your home while you record, you could also use sound blocking. We would suggest the AcoustiDoor in this situation as well to keep the sound from your studio transferring to the other rooms in your house.

Easy Soundproofing Tips

Hopefully one of your sound issues was addresses here so you can start soundproofing right away! Don’t forget the three easy tips we mentioned: soundproofing curtains, sound masking and sound absorbing panels.

If your sound issue wasn’t covered here, it might be something that’s been covered in the past. Luckily you can see our catalog of blogs and articles on our website for whatever soundproofing tips you may need.

For any topics we haven’t yet covered, feel free to contact us and let us know what soundproofing tips you want to see covered in the future!

3 Easy Soundproofing Tips
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3 Easy Soundproofing Tips
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