Top 7 DIY Soundproofing Ideas Under $100

diy soundproofing

When you buy a home that’s about 25 years old or older, chances are it’s going to need some fixing while you live there. Most homes this old have rattling pipes, bad insulation, loud water flow, creaky windows and more. Even if you buy a newer home you could experience these issues the longer you live there. If your home does have an older structure, you could experience some unwanted noises. If you’re interested in saving money and like to get your hands a little dirty, there are some DIY soundproofing techniques you can use.

DIY Noise Reduction Ideas

For those of you who are do it yourselfers, here are some DIY soundproofing project ideas you can do for under $100! Even if you’re not a DIY-er, some of our tips are pretty easy to follow and we suggest giving them a try if your older home is giving you noise issues. If you live in a newer home and you’re having these same noise issue you could try some our tips too.

1. Soundproof the Garage Door with an Insulation Kit


If you notice a lot of noise coming from your garage door it could be two things. Garage doors aren’t made of sound absorbing material, so sounds could be getting into your home from the outside. If you have an older garage door, you could have some squeaky springs that you hear every time someone opens or closes the garage door.

Purchasing a garage door insulation kit could help solve both of these sound issues for you. Every kit comes with eight fiber glass panels and special springs to ensure that the door not only moves smoothly and quietly, but it also keeps inside noise out.

2. Sound Absorption Panels

sound absorption panels

Our acoustic absorption panels are great for reducing reverberation and echo.

You probably don’t want to replace the walls in your house and the good news is that you don’t have to. Instead of doing that you can just add sound absorption panels to your existing walls.

You can request a quote from us for how much it would cost to get acoustic panels for your home. Our panels come in various shapes, sizes and colors so that they blend in seamlessly with your home decor.

3. Use Peel and Stick Foam to Quiet Slamming Doors

We all like to have our windows open to let fresh air in, but sometimes this can create an uneven air flow and cause doors to slam. For this issue we recommend using peel and stick foam on your door frame.

Peel and stick foam  is special two sided pad foaming that is designed to  create a softer surface for your door to shut on. Simply place a few of them around the areas where the door meets the door-frame and enjoy the quiet shut. This foam is multi-purpose, so for $18 you are also getting a utility for other appliances around the house.

4. Soundproof Your Pipes With a Water Hammer Arrestor

There’s a chance that you old house comes with old piping and replacing it could cost more than you might be willing to spend. In this case, just add an arrestor to stop the rattling pipe noise and improve the water flow.

Most likely available at your local hardware store, arrestors fall well within the $16 range and comes with a three year warranty.

5. DIY Quiet with WD-40

If you’re a handy-man then you know that WD-40 is the god of all DIY jobs. Whether it is creaky windows, door hinges, cupboard hinges, WD-40 can solve all noise issues. It is a very simple utility and can be bought at any supermarket or hardware store for less than $10.

6. Fix Holes Using a Dry-Wall Patch Kit

When you buy older houses, you also buy older walls. These walls can sometimes have holes or cracks in them. This allows for noise to leak in like water and soon it will feel like you are outside even though you are inside.

Patch kits can be purchased at any hardware store or supermarket for less than $8 and dries in less than 15 minutes allowing you the quiet environment that you have always wanted.

7. Use Talcum Powder to Soundproof Squeaky Floors

Although commonly known as baby powder, talcum powder is usually used to prevent rashes for babies with very dry skin. Did you ever think you’d being using baby powder in your DIY soundproofing project?

A lot of people don’t know that it can be used to prevent squeaky floors. Simply spray or rub some powder where the creak in the floor is and walk in awe as the squeaks seize to exist. Talcum powder can be purchased at any supermarket for less than $8.

DIY Soundproofing Doesn’t Have to be Hard

You don’t have to do all of these but we think you should try some of these tips if you live in an older house with sound issues. Happy DIY-ing!